of the machine

  • Screw and barrel are designed to adopt the special compounding function to melt at high speed and homogeneous, also get greater output.
  • Spiral flow channel die is designed to stabilize melt flow. Optional rotating device is chosen and helpful to eliminate gauge band on the web.
  • Air/ water rings are alum-alloyed special design for providing excellent and stable cooling. The combination of air and water cooling rings for water output and air blow stably working together, which results in excellent film transparency, film surface is evenly and glossy.
  • Take-off unit allows adjustment to the proper height and provides effective film cooling.
  • A variety of winders including manual, 2 bobbin type, 4 bobbin type, back to back winder with computerized tension control for high quality film. Computerized speed control system of take-off and winding units will provide precise winding quality, won' t cause tensile or broken of film.

Biodegradable Film

Downward Type PE Blown Film

PE Blown Film

PP Blown Film

Soft pvc medical bag


Designated Extrusion Machines

We can supply special customs-made extrusion lines with special features,
provide complete line with tooling. Extruder Range ( diameter of screw ) :
PE Blown Film extruder: 35 ~ 120mm
PP Blown Film extruder: 45 ~ 85mm
PVC Blown Film extruder : 35 ~ 120mm

our range

Complete Production Lines For Blown Film Extrusion:

Upstream Accessories

  • Auto Loading Feeder
  • Gravimetric Dosing System
  • Air Compressor
  • Chiller Cooling System


  • Single Screw Extruder
  • Twin Screw Extruder
  • Co-Extruders

Die Head

  • Single/ Multi Layers Die Head
  • Double Heads

Screen Changer Unit

  • Manual Type
  • Hydraulic Type

Cooling Unit

  • Air Ring Type
  • Water Ring Type
  • Multiple Cooling Type

Take-Off Unit

  • Roller Type
  • Oscillating Take Off Type

Winder Unit

  • Surface Winder With Auto Bobbin Changer
  • Shafted Winder

Auxiliary Accessories

  • Corona Treater
  • Film Dry Device  
  • Rotary Die
  • Embossing Roller
  • Width Controller
  • Thickness Measuring System
  • Electronic Tension Controller
  • Heat Slitting Device
  • Printing Device
  • Edge Position Controller
  • Bag Making Machine  
  • Processing Equipment

Application :

Applicable Material :