of the machine

  • Twin and single screw extruders by different screw/barrel designs and process arrangements for the most varied thermoplastic materials, increasing production reliability
  • Compact design includes integrated PLC computer control system
  • High performance transmission with torque reserves, good melt quality with a low-pulsation material transportation
  • Length measuring system, pneumatic saw blade advance vertically upward, saw hood with integrated clamping above the cutting table or parallel guidance of the oscillating top belt/caterpillar at the front side, etc, the downstream equipment is easily adjusting and operating. Profile length is in narrow tolerances.
  • Long operating life of screw and barrel
  • Reduction of pump wear, noise reduction and low energy consumption
  • Low maintenance and repair costs
  • Customized designing requirement is welcome.

PC LED Light Cover

Plastic Profile

PVC Blinder


WPC Profile


Designated Extrusion Machines

We can supply special customs-made extrusion lines with special features,
provide complete line with tooling.
Extruder Range ( diameter of screw ) :
Single screw extruder: 15 ~ 200mm
Parallel twin screw extruder: 25 ~ 130mm

our range

Complete Production Lines For Profile Extrusion

Upstream Accessories

  • Dosing System
  • High Speed Mixer & High Speed Cool Churnung M/C
  • Raw Material Conveying System
  • Feeding & Storage System
  • Sound-Absorbing Type Strong Crusher/ Feeder/ Jumbo Bag Storage Tank
  • Air Compressor
  • Chiller Cooling System


  • Co-Rotating/ Counter – Rotating Parallel Twin Screw Extruder
  • Single Screw Extruder
  • Co-Extrusion
  • Lab Type Extruder


  • Single Die and Toolings
  • Dual Die and Toolings

Calibration Unit

  • Vacuum Type
  • Spray Cooling Type
  • Water Cooling Type
  • Air Cooling Type

Take-Off Units

  • Caterpillar Type
  • Belt Type
  • Roller Type

Cutting Units

  • Saw Type
  • Blade Type

Downstream Accessories

  • Collection Table
  • Winder Unit
  • Ink Jet System
  • Embossing System
  • Film Application
  • Printing System
  • UV Coating Unit
  • Punching Unit
  • Processing Equipment


Profile For Building/ Construction/ Decoration Industry

Window Profile

Profile For Electrical Industry

Profiles For Automotive Industry

Process Material