K Show 2022

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K Show 2022

2022/06/01 Intype

INTYPE ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD. will participate in the "Dusseldorf Rubber & Plastics Exhibition (K Show )" held at the Dusseldorf Exhibition Center in Germany from October 19 to 26, 2022. The consultants in the booth will provide you with a number of services: "Introduction to INTYPE extrusion machines, production line programming services, solution consultation...etc". INTYPE focuses on the research and development of sustainable plastic extrusion machines, whether it is general-purpose pipes and tubes, blown film, profile, compounding/ recycling pelletizing, or to innovatively developed new-age materials - TPE imitation wood-alike pellets and profile, high-speed and high-capacity line of medical tube, biodegradable and bioplastic, continuous polymer bead foam extrusion, INTYPE extrusion machines can achieve it. Welcome to fill in the form at the bottom of this page to make an appointment during the show, INTYPE is waiting to serve you.
K 2022 will be held from Oct. 19th to Oct. 26th 2022, in Düsseldorf Germany for the twenty-second time. K is the world's largest trade fair for the plastics and rubber industry. It gathers the most important supplier of plastics and rubber machinery, raw and auxiliary materials and semi-finished products, technical parts and reinforced plastic products under one roof. It is an ideal platform to showcase products and innovations and to make business contacts.

Exhibition Details

  • Date: October 19 ~ 26, 2022
  • Booth No.: Hall 12 / C02-11
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  • Supercritical Reaction Type Pelletizing Machine - Supercritical Reaction Type Pelletizing Extrusion
    Supercritical Reaction Type Pelletizing Machine

    Supercritical Reactive Under Water Type Compounding and Pelletizing Extruder for Various Plastics or Biomass Plastics.   Apply Material : Plastic / Composite Material / Bio-decomposition Plastic (PLA / PBS / Starch ...)   Process Application : Supercritical Reactive / Supercritical Foam Continuous Extrusion Process.   Pellets Application : Apply to the processing and production of plastic materials or biodegradable plastics granulation / blowing bag / sheet / pipe / various profiles.

  • Continuous Bead Foaming Extrusion Equipment - Continuous Bead Foaming Extrusion Equipment
    Continuous Bead Foaming Extrusion Equipment

    Improvement in Foaming Production Method - Continuous Bead Foaming Replaces Batch Foaming The traditional batch foaming manufacture, which uses foam bucket as batch production, the process is simple, but the production is time-consuming, and also in low capacity, it has been unable to supply the industry to quantify long term production, thus resulting in relatively high costs to the finished products. The application of supercritical continuous bead foaming extrusion technology, its on line continue fast production bringing economic efficiency is the best way to replace the batch foaming manufacture.   Advantageous Properties of Polymer Foamed Bead Lightweight : Low density, high specific strength, its strength increases with the increasing of density, and can absorb the impact, with cushioning and load bearing capacity. Also with the properties as compressible, flexible, electrical insulation, sound absorption, shock absorption, heat insulation, lower dielectric constant than the matrix resin, and provide porous contact surface... etc. It's easy to secondary molding processing, and also easy to be glued, has become a rend in plastic processing. In industrial and even in daily life, its applications are really quite extensive.

  • Single Screw Pipe / Tube Extrusion - Single Screw Pipe / Tube Extrusion Line
    Single Screw Pipe / Tube Extrusion

    PP / PE / PVC / TPU plane various kind of pipe design extrusion, including single or multi layers, plane / multi-color strip design. Final pipe / tube product with good surface and uniform thickness.   Resin : PP / PE / PVC / TPU

  • Peracikan Bahan Biodegradable & Blown Film

    Garis ini dilengkapi dengan sekrup khusus yang dipatenkan Jepang dengan desain struktural, yang membuat bahan baku plastik, plastik biodegradable atau pati / PLA dengan 100% bebas plastik fosil, untuk terus diproduksi dengan semua jenis aditif dan pembantu, dan dengan demikian mencapai kualitas yang lebih tinggi dari pelet.   Aplikasi Pelet : Berlaku untuk pemrosesan dan produksi bahan plastik atau granulasi plastik biodegradable / blowing bag / sheet / pipa / berbagai profil.

  • Foam TPE (100% NON Wood) Pelletizing dan Garis Profil Kayu Imitasi

    Penggunaan desain mesin pelet yang dipatenkan dengan teknologi pembusaan kopolimer, pembusaan TPE untuk membuat bahan komposit yang unik. Dan kemudian melalui peralatan ekstrusi profil khusus kami untuk terus menghasilkan berbagai produk jadi dan setengah jadi.   Sesuai dengan kebutuhan pelanggan yang berbeda, dapat mengubah profil mati untuk membuat ukuran dan bentuk yang berbeda, juga dapat menyesuaikan parameter operasi mesin atau formula bahan untuk mengubah berbagai kekerasan, kepadatan dan warna untuk beragam aplikasi.   Dalam proses produksi ekstrusi, secara alami dapat menghasilkan tampilan tekstur kayu dan sentuhan seperti kayu, untuk aplikasi produk yang berbeda, juga dapat melakukan pemrosesan sekunder, seperti pencetakan permukaan / embossing / paste ... dll.   Mesin ekstrusi dapat dibuat khusus dan desain sesuai dengan permintaan pelanggan, opsional meliputi: Seluruh lini mengadopsi sistem kontrol PLC HMI. Melalui Modbus, mode komunikasi Profibus yang menghubungkan seluruh peralatan pabrik. Webcam produksi dan data keluaran terkait yang terhubung ke LAN kantor atau melalui jaringan Ethernet untuk pemantauan jarak jauh mesin. Mesin dirancang untuk memenuhi standar CE / UL. Berbagai macam mesin dapat mengadopsi desain satu atap, termasuk meninju dan memotong online / pencetakan online / embossing online.

  • Ekstrusi Tabung Medis

    Soft PVC / TPU / PP / PE plane and suction Medical Tube - transparent, coloring, glossy or matt surface. We are main machine supplier for local and oversea leading medical article manufacturers cause our stable quality and high machine output.

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Plastic Extrusion Lines | Compounding, Pelletizing, Profile, Pipe & Film Manufacturer - Intype

Located in Taiwan since 1963, Intype Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a plastic extrusion line manufacturer. Sold to over 80 countries in the last 50 years, Intype is specialized in providing extrusion plants and equipment for Compounding / Pelletizing, Profile, Pipe, and Film.

ISO and TUV CE certified with ERP system to provide high standard plastic extruder machines. Cooperated with US and Japan to develop patented techniques, particularly in developing Supercritical Reactive Extruder for Biomass Plastics Pelletizing with Japanese patented special screw.

Intype has been offering customers high-quality plastic extrusion machinery since 1963, both with advanced technology and 50 years of experience, Intype ensures each customer's demands are met.

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