Recommend Products

TPE Wood-like Profile 01

TPE Wood-like Profile

With patented materials and a custom pelletizer, our TPE mimics real wood's texture: refined, lightweight, moisture-resistant, and easy to clean.

Continuous Bead Foam Extrusion 02

Continuous Bead Foam Extrusion

Switching from batch to continuous foam bead pelletizing extrusion cuts costs, promotes lightweighting, and reduces plastic usage.

Supercritical Reaction Pelletizing 03

Supercritical Reaction Pelletizing

The biodegradable pelletizer reduces fossil resin use, lowers CO2 emissions, enables full compostable product biodegradation in nature.

Medical Tube Extrusion Line 04

Medical Tube Extrusion Line

Our high-speed extruder ensures stable, defect-free medical tube production with computerized control for thickness, cutting, and winding.

Profile Extrusion Line 05

Profile Extrusion Line

Efficient profile extrusion with low energy, minimal noise, and maintenance. Computer-controlled for precision and complete automation.

Compound, Recycling 06

Compound, Recycling

Our pelletizing line processes various plastics (PP, PE etc.) with additives and recycles diverse plastic waste for reuse.

INTYPE, with 60 years of experience, manufactures advanced plastic extrusion machines. We offer high-quality, efficient, eco-friendly innovations, along with full technical support and after-sales service.

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