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Blown Film Extrusion Machine

Starch / PLA Biomass / PP / PE / PVC Blown Film Extrusion Machine Line

1970 is the year of our first machine for Blown Film Extrusion Line, until now, we are always seeking for better know-how, offering the complete Blown Film Line combined mature technology and well devised concepts.

Today, we are focusing on new film applications of Nature polymer - Starch, PLA, plastic biodegradable polyester film blown, which is a hot topic in modern society for green issue. We also keep our leading advantage in stationery PP file film extrusion , taking almost 70% market share of Asian in the PP file protector film extrusion machine of stationery industry.

To create a cost - effective production system, maximize profitability and flexibility, we combine with computer control system by PLC, the touch screen control panel centralizes all the machine's components from material feeding to film winding, which continually monitors and manages all set points and parameters, and easily re-program to match future requirement, and assure optimum output quality and efficiency. The finish film is flat and smooth with accurate specification.

Extrusion Machines We Build

  • Starch / PLA Biomass plastic tubular film blown.
  • Downward two / three layers PP / PE tubular co-extrusion / double-head film blown.
  • PP stationary file protector film blown.
  • PE shopping, trash, agriculture, food packing film blown.
  • PVC medical bag designated film blown.
  • HDPE Masking Tape Plastic Sheet.

Blown Film Extrusion Machine

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Digital control of components and actual monitoring of production processes and quality, which also means that we are always close to the needs of customers.

Blown Film Extrusion Machine | Bioplastic Extrusion Technology | Intype

Located in Taiwan since 1963, Intype Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a high efficiency plastic extrusion machines manufacturer. Their main plastic extrusion machines include, Blown Film Extrusion Machine, sustainable plastic extrusions, continuous bead foam machines, supercritical reaction pelletizers, medical tube extrusion lines and profile extrusion machinery. Their offerings also encompass medical tube extrusion lines and profile extrusion systems. Intype is committed to innovation, quality, and environmental sustainability, focusing on efficient, eco-friendly technologies.

Discover Intype's advanced Plastic Extrusion Machines, a blend of innovation and 60 years of expertise. Specializing in TPE Wood-like Profiles, Continuous Bead Foam, and Supercritical Reaction Pelletizing, our machines are designed for efficiency and sustainability. Ideal for B2B buyers in the plastic extrusion industry, our products range from Medical Tube Extrusion Lines to Profile Extrusion and Recycling Solutions. Intype machines are synonymous with quality, precision, and eco-friendliness, ensuring optimal performance and environmental responsibility. Join the forefront of plastic extrusion technology with Intype's reliable and advanced solutions.

Intype has been providing customers with high efficiency plastic extrusion machines since 1963, with both advanced technology and 50 years of experience, Intype ensures that each customer's requirements are met.