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Foam TPE wood-alike plastic product

Intype Introduces Innovative Wood-alike plastic material - Foam TPE

Have you ever wondered if there was a material that could be as beautiful and strong as wood, but without the need to cut down the woods, nor affected by dampness, moths?

It sounds like a dream, but it's already come true!

26 Jul, 2023 Intype

INTYPE Enterprise Co., Ltd. has developed an innovative raw material called **Foam TPE** Cellecotech®, which has the following advantages:

- No need to cut down forests : Foam TPE is made of synthetic resin and does not require the use of any wood or fiber.

- Easy to put into production : Foam TPE can be processed by extrusion, injection molding or hot pressing technology without complex equipment or processes.

- 100% recyclable of finished products : Foam TPE can be recycled, which means it can be recycled after use, reducing waste and pollution.

- Waterproof, insect-proof and anti-slip : The closed-cell structure of Foam TPE makes it naturally waterproof, resisting the effects of moisture and moisture. It also does not attract pests or mold, keeping it clean and hygienic. In addition, it has anti-slip characteristics for added safety and comfort.

- Better to use than real wood : Foam TPE not only has the look and feel of wood, but also has better physical performance than wood. It is lighter, softer, stronger, more wear-resistant, more resistant to aging and more weathering than wood. It is also more resilient, shock-absorbing, and soundproof than wood.

Foam TPE is a material suitable for a variety of uses, which can be used to make furniture, floors, wall panels, doors and windows, toys, garden landscaping, daily necessities, marina decks and more. It allows you to enjoy the natural beauty and warmth brought by wood, while also enjoying the convenience and benefits brought by modern technology.

If you want to know more about Foam TPE Cellecotech®, please contact INTYPE Enterprise Co., Ltd., we will provide you with professional services and advice.


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Intype Introduces Innovative Wood-alike plastic material - Foam TPE | Plastic Profile Extrusion Solutions | Intype

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