Under-Water Type Recycling Machine

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Under-Water Type Recycling Machine


Under-Water Type Pelletizing Extrusion
Under-Water Type Pelletizing Extrusion
Pellet Photo for reference
Pellet Photo for reference

Suitable for many kinds of plastic recycling, especially suitable for material with high melting viscosity, which not easy to be pelletized by strand type system. During pelletizing processing, the final pellet is round and uniform size by centrifugal force. Based on waste condition, we also have two stage type under-water pelletizing system.

Resin : TPR, PLA, HDPE, LDPE, TPE… etc.

Waste Type : Blowing Bottle Waste / Engineering Plastic Waste / Film / Sheet Waste / Foam Waste / Injection Waste / Jumbo Bag / Raffia / Woven Waste.

Characteristic of the Machine

1. Machine is manufactured through a special screw design, can be applied to many types of plastic pelletizing.
2. Whole- plant design, process arrangement, manufacturing, installation and technical transfer turning customer's innovative ideas into profitable products.
3. Low-temp mixing designed screw is effectively lower energy consumption, and also maintain the raw materials character.
4. Vacuum assisted degassing system that helps efficiently to get rid of moisture, waste gas, and dust. The pellet out feed is more steady, and pellet is also stronger in density.
5. Straight transmission design collocates high torque output of heavy duty gear box, forced lubrication system ensures operation stability, low noise and guarantees high-quality, greater output under high speed operating.
6. Outstanding control system can collocate PLC computer to make control program, carry on full-auto/ semi- auto operation.
7. Customized designing requirement is welcome.

Screw Dia.Ø 85mmØ 100mmØ 120mmØ 150mm
L/D28 ~ 34
Capacity200 ~ 250 kg/hr.300 ~ 400 kg/hr.500 ~ 600 kg/hr.800 ~ 1200 kg/hr.

* Customized designing requirement is welcome.
* Capacity varied depends by waste condition.

Optional Equipment

  • Sound-Absorbing Type Strong Crusher / Feeder / Jumbo Bag Storage Tank.
  • Washing & Cleaning System.
  • Pulverize Machine.
  • High Speed Mixer & High Speed Cool Churning M/C.
  • Feeding & Storage System.
  • Raw Material Conveying System.
  • Dosing System.
  • Air Compressor.
  • Chiller Cooling System.
  • Storage System.
  • Vent System.
  • Vibration Unit.
  • Bagging & Packaging & Weighing System.
  • Material Convey System.


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Under-Water Type Recycling Machine | Compounding, Pelletizing, Profile, Pipe & Film Manufacturer - Intype

Located in Taiwan since 1963, Intype Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a Under-Water Type Recycling Machine | plastic extrusion lines manufacturer. Sold to over 80 countries in the last 50 years, Intype is specialized in providing extrusion plants and equipment for Compounding / Pelletizing, Profile, Pipe, and Film.

ISO and TUV CE certified with ERP system to provide high standard plastic extrusion processing lines. Cooperated with US and Japan to develop patented techniques, particularly in developing Supercritical Reactive Extruder for Biomass Plastics Pelletizing with Japanese patented special screw.

Intype has been offering customers high-quality plastic extrusion machinery since 1963, both with advanced technology and 50 years of experience, Intype ensures each customer's demands are met.

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