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Supercritical Reaction Type Pelletizing Machine


Supercritical Reactive Under Water Type Compounding and Pelletizing Extruder for Various Plastics or Biomass Plastics.

Apply Material : Plastic / Composite Material / Bio-decomposition Plastic (PLA / PBS / Starch ...)

Process Application : Supercritical Reactive / Supercritical Foam Continuous Extrusion Process.

Pellets Application : Apply to the processing and production of plastic materials or biodegradable plastics granulation / blowing bag / sheet / pipe / various profiles.

Corn Starch / Potato Starch / Tapioca Starch Modification Pellet produced by Supercritical Reaction Type Pelletizing Machine


The line is equipped with Japan patented special screw with structural design, which makes plastic raw materials, biodegradable plastics or starch / PLA with 100% free of fossil plastics, to be in continuous production with all kinds of additives and auxiliaries, and thus achieve a higher quality of pellets.

Optional Equipment

  • Pulverize Machine.
  • High Speed Mixer & High Speed Cool Churning M/C.
  • Feeding & Storage System.
  • Raw Material Conveying System.
  • Dosing System.
  • Air Compressor.
  • Chiller Cooling System.
  • Storage System.
  • Vent System.
  • Vibration Unit.
  • Bagging & Packaging & Weighing System.
  • Material Convey System.


Supercritical fluid is with excellent dissolution feature and very potential in non-polar solvents. Widely used in Industry for a long time.

Such as :
1. Food Industries - extract.
2. Pharmaceutical Industries - separation and purification.
3. Fiver Industries - dyeing.
4. Plastic Industries - High Concentration MasterBatch / Coloring Pelletizing & composite material compounding.
5. Degradable Material & Bio-decomposition Material - composite material compounding.

Digital control of components and actual monitoring of production processes and quality, which also means that we are always close to the needs of customers.

Supercritical Reaction Type Pelletizing Machine | Plastic Profile Extrusion Solutions | Intype

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